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missed adventures

Jul. 26th, 2011 | 10:59 pm
location: Catasauqua, PA
mood: hopetimistic
music: "taken for a fool" The Strokes

So I've been noticeably absent for the greater part of, oh, the last two years? I have a computer again so I figured it's about time to get updating. What have I been up to? Well, I moved back to PA. Then I moved back to CA. Then I moved back to PA again. There were a ton of pictures but they're all covered in dust tucked away in a facebook gallery. That's the short version.

Now I'm finishing up a pitch for an animated series to the Cartoon Network! This seemed like the perfect opportunity to post about. I'll keep you informed on how the process goes and what it involves. I've never done anything like this before, so we'll learn together!

Check out Mapple's blog. She's rad. Her job is not.

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the espers

May. 27th, 2009 | 02:11 pm
location: Venice, CA
mood: exciteancholy
music: "radio orlando" Harlem Shakes

My current band, The Espers have been extremely busy this month hence my extreme lack of updating the blog. We've been playing mainly in the Venice area including super-swank venues "Good Hurt" and "The Air Conditioned Supper Club" I'm also procrastinating updating a blog about the band itself over at the espers's case file on Wordpress. Am I allowed to cross-bloginate? I'll never know the rules.

Other than that, I'm gearing up to move across country back to my birth state of PA after living here in Los Angeles, CA for two years. I'm excited and melancholy all at the same time. We sure have had some interesting [mis]adventures together, haven't we? They will continue on into the future, friends! Keep following me here and I'll be updating the progress of the road trip.

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american idols

Apr. 17th, 2009 | 03:26 am
location: santa monica, CA
mood: awesome
music: "i'll take us home" Matt&Kim

I finally broke my habit of being photographed in the middle of the crowd and instead got to have my picture taken with the main attraction! The "3rd Annual Powersliding Competition" was held on Wednesday (4/15) at the Pier and I was treated to completely free bliss courtesy of free Kogi truck fare, more ridiculous prop tables, and to top it all off a free performance by favorites Matt & Kim. I guess there was "Powersliding", too. Whatever that is.

I didn't need to find any courage to go up and say hello to the adorable NYC rockers as they're the most genuinely energetic and amiable pair of performers I think I've ever seen. Matt even treated us to a special rendition of Europe's "Final Countdown". They signed my ltd. edition 45" vinyl single and I was lucky enough to shoot the breeze privately with them over free Red Stripe at the Levis store on the 3rd St. Promenade for a few hours in what culminated as easily the best day of 2009 so far.

One of the Playboy "Girls Next Door" was there, so of course she kept the event classy and had all of the media covering her cleavage instead of how much fun it was otherwise. It was super cold, windy, and kinetic and here's some more links I dug up across the web that further documented the day if you're interested:



If you find any more, please be sure to send them my way!

Also, I've gotten ahold of "It's Blitz!" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs and it's wonderful. Karen O, on the off chance that you read this blog...I'm available.

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Mar. 11th, 2009 | 12:34 pm
location: universal city, CA
mood: perplexed
music: "prove it" Television

Last weekend, new band The Espers headed to Universal Citywalk's IMAX theatre to check out "Watchmen." Pictured is us in front of the Owlship. We used this pic on our website so unfortunately for you, I'm not in my usual nerd-tastic pose.

I'm hesitant to review it because in terms of adapting the graphic novel to the big screen, the movie was a huge success. However, it's not like Batman where you can just have Batman go on some new adventure and it's still Batman. Watchmen is contained solely within its graphic novel story. If we had seen "The Adventures of Rorshach and Night Owl" it would be a completely different animal altogether. So, yes, "they did it" as Kevin Smith said.

The reason I'm trying to hold myself back is because I loved it so much. I really have no idea whether it was a good movie or not. In my mind, as long as it portrayed the graphic novel I would be happy. I consider myself a fairly decent critic when it comes to movies but I'm finding myself in another "Speed Racer" situation. I was a fan going into it with expectations set and thoroughly met, even exceeded! In that respect, I'm at a loss. Go see it...?

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Feb. 3rd, 2009 | 05:46 am
location: venice, CA
mood: comfortably numb
music: "pink triangle" Weezer

It's been a hell of a few months since I updated last. I'm considereing overhauling the blog format here once again to try something completely different and experimental but nothing is solid (read: I won't). Here's a belated XMas 08 gift from me. Think of it as a Chinese New Year gift even though that's now over, too. It's a picture of me in a Christmas sweater from the office's night out on the town in Venice.

I've had quite a few misadventures over the holidays, including beginning to learn Japanese and losing my job. If you're looking for an experienced writer who's clinically certified out-of-his-mind, I'm your man. Just look at the guy to the right and tell me you don't want to hire him. was rhetocical.

More updates to come.

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